• Classic FM

    I had great interview on Classic FM today. Mike Mills is a real gent and pro, he made me feel totally at ease and special. He played “Bring Him Home – Beshalom”, during the interview which was well received……..What a difference from my days as an accountant!

  • Good News!

    Good news, today people have asked for “No More Numbers” in LOOK AND LISTEN and MUSICA. I have now spoken to these stores and my album will be on their shelves in 3 days!!! as well as on their internet sites!

  • David Awards

    An awesome evening at the David Awards in a beautiful theatre. I had a great catchup with Lisa Melman and Adam Davis, I haven’t performed with Lisa for over 10 years, and who, in my mind is the greatest South African performer I’ve ever seen. Autographing copies of No More Numbers, was pretty exciting too […]

  • Musica

    Just been in Musica and Look and Listen – there’s something to be said for seeing your own album in a major record store!!!

Steven Leas:

These albums were not exactly what I had originally intended to record. But thanks to the creative forces of Danny Schogger and Olivier Behzadi, we started throwing ideas around, and came up with a set of songs that, I am happy to say, is “me”. We recorded many songs and it may come as no surprise that it was impossible to cut the tracklisting down to one album. So I decided that we should create two! No More Numbers, and 1870.


Waking up to this whole antisemitism thing
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Joining the Jackals: An Open Letter to Amb. Samantha Power via @unwatch
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